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Samsung YP-P2JABY User Manual (ver.1.0)
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using bluetooth
using bluetooth
Tap the [
] icon
to move to the previous screen.
Press and briefl y hold the [
] icon
to move to the main menu screen.
Bluetooth is an industry specifi cation that describes how Bluetooth-compliant
stereo headsets, mobile phones, and external devices can easily interconnect
with each other using a short wireless connection.
The Bluetooth device can cause a noise or malfunction, depending on the use
Physical signal interference, for instance, if you hold the player in the hand and wear a
stereo headset in your ears.
When a part of the body is in contact with the receiving/transmitting system of the player or
the stereo headset.
Electrical variation from electrical jamming by the wall, corner or offi ce partitioning.
Electrical interference from the same frequency-band devices including medical equipment,
microwave oven and wireless LAN.
When pairing the Bluetooth device with the player, make it within as short distance
as possible.
The farther the distance between player and stereo headset is, the worse the
quality is. If the distance exceeds the limit, the communications are disconnected.
We do not recommend you use text and picture view modes while listening to
the music with the stereo headset as it can cause deterioration of both player
performance and Bluetooth communications.
Depending on the model of the stereo headset, fi les less than 32 KHz can not be
In poor reception-sensitivity areas such as inside an elevator or underground, the
Bluetooth connection may not work properly.
The maximum distance that enables wireless connection between the player and
the Bluetooth device is 32.8 feet. The connection will be automatically cut off if
the distance is out of this range. Even within this range, the sound quality may be
deteriorated by obstacles such as walls or doors.