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Samsung YP-P2JABY User Manual (ver.1.0)
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using bluetooth
To register the Bluetooth Stereo Headset (continued)
Tap on the name of headset you want to register.
The password input window appears if the password for the headset is other
than 0000. Refer to the headset’s manual for the password.
The registration of the headset is completed.
You can use the Bluetooth function only when playing music, video and
games. It is not supported while you are listening to FM Radio.
Description of the Bluetooth icon
: Bluetooth mode off : Bluetooth mode on
:Connected to a stereo headset
:Connected to a mobile phone
If you want to turn off the Bluetooth function, set the Bluetooth Mode to
<Bluetooth Mode> <Off>.
Use only a Bluetooth-certifi ed stereo headset. Mono hands-free headsets
are not supported.
When not in use, set the <Bluetooth Mode> to <Off>. If you stay in <On>
for <Bluetooth Mode>, the battery usable time is reduced.
You can add up to 20 devices for the Bluetooth connection.
This player may not be compatible with all Bluetooth stereo headsets.
The Bluetooth features of the player are optimized with Samsung products.
If used with third party products, the Bluetooth features may not work
Do not use the Bluetooth function for illegal purposes (pirated copy, illegal
wireless tapping and communications, etc. for commercial purposes)
Samsung is not responsible for any of these illegal uses and the
consequent results.