Manual page

Samsung YP-P2JABY User Manual (ver.1.0)
troubleshooting _ 141
Battery life differs from
the manual.
The battery life can vary depending on the sound
mode and display setting.
Battery life may be shortened when the player is left
for extended periods in low or high temperatures.
EmoDio Program
Check if your PC meets the basic system
Connection to your PC
is disabled.
Check if the USB cable is correctly connected and
try again.
Press <Start> on the toolbar of your PC to run
Windows Update. Select Key Updates and Service
Packs, then update all. Reboot your PC and
The fi le transfer rate is
too slow.
If you are running multiple programs including
<EmoDio> on your PC, the fi le transfer rate will
be slow. Exit unnecessary programs and try
transferring again.
Player isn’t playing.
Check if the available fi le has been saved in the
Check if the music fi le is damaged.
Check if there is enough battery power.
File upload doesn’t
Check if the USB cable is securely connected.
Reconnect if necessary.
Check if the memory is full.
Press the Reset hole.