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Samsung YP-P2JABY User Manual (ver.1.0)
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using bluetooth
Before you start -
Set <Bluetooth Mode> to <On>.
Tap the
on the main menu screen.
Select <Bluetooth Settings> and tap on it.
The <Bluetooth Settings> menu appears.
Set the options you prefer and tap <OK>.
Bluetooth Settings Options
Discover Option :
You can set the Bluetooth device to detect this player.
<Discoverable> sets it to detect and <Non-Discoverable> turns off detection.
Search Timeout :
You can select the search time period for a new device. After
setting a time, a new device will be searched for the time limit you set. Select
one from <10sec>, <20sec>, <30sec>, <45sec> and <60sec>.
Delete Device :
You can delete a registered device in the player. Tap the [
icon to delete all of the registered devices. See page 137.
My Device Info. :
You can check the name and address of your player.
Stereo Headset
Mobile Phone
File Transfer
Bluetooth Mode
Bluetooth Settings