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Samsung YP-P2JABY User Manual (ver.1.0)
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World Car Puzzle
You have the chance to enjoy the world’s renowned cars while putting
together the mosaic pieces.
The game will be displayed in the
horizontal view.
Select a desired car and set the number
of puzzles and hints, shape and the time
Tap and hold an image piece and drag it
to a desired position before releasing it.
The puzzle pieice will be moved to the
release point.
To win this game, remove all the opponent’s pieces from the
chessboard by hitting them with your piece.
The game will be displayed in the
horizontal view.
Slide one of your pieces in the direction
of your opponent’s piece to remove it
from the chessboard.
If you have not played your turn within
the timeout, the turn goes to the
To exit from the game screen in the middle of a round, tap on the bottom
left corner of the touch screen.