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Samsung YP-P2JABY User Manual (ver.1.0)
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using bluetooth
DEVICE (Continued)
To transfer a fi le on the external device to the player
If you want to transfer an external fi le to the player, you must fi rst make it
ready for pairing.
Before you start -
If the player is connected to a Bluetooth stereo headset
or mobile phone, set the connection to off fi rst.
Ensure that the Bluetooth device you are going to connect is ready for
pairing. (refer to the device’s user manual)
Check if the Bluetooth device to supports the fi le transfer function.
(refer to the device’s user manual)
Set <Discoverable> from <Bluetooth Settings> <Discover Option>. See
page 136.
Tap the
on the main menu screen.
The Bluetooth settings window appears.
Tap <Yes>.
The <Bluetooth Mode> is set to <On>.
icon will light.
You can transfer a fi le on the external device to the player.
For pairing the external device with and transferring it to the player, refer to the
device’s user manual.
Files transferred to the player are saved in <Prime Pack>
<File Browser>
<Received Files> folder.