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Samsung YP-P2JABY User Manual (ver.1.0)
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System Setting Options (Continued)
Locks your player to prevent unauthorized access, using password
To lock the player, select <On> and set your password. See page 38.
To disable locking, select <Off>.
Change Password:
You can change the password of the Lock function.
Hold Option:
You can select the hold function to lock all buttons including touch
screen or touch screen only. Select either one of <All> and <Touch Screen
Only>. See page 26.
Default Set
: Returns all settings to the default value. Select either <Yes> or
<No>. <Yes> initializes all settings to default. <No> cancels default settings.
: Formats the internal memory. Select either <Yes> or <No>. Selecting
<Yes> will format the internal memory and delete all fi les on the player.
Selecting <No> does not format the internal memory. Check before formatting it.
Account Information :
You can check your Rhapsody account status. See
page 119.
: Checks the fi rmware version and memory capacity.
Firmware -
Displays the current fi rmware version.
Memory -
Indicates the remaining memory capacity. <Used> indicates
the usage, <Remaining> indicates the remaining capacity and
<Total> indicates the total memory capacity.
Regarding the Built-In Memory
1GB=1,000,000,000 bytes : actual formatted capacity may be less as the
internal fi rmware uses a portion of the memory.