Manual page

Samsung YP-T10JAB User Manual (ver.2.0)
106 _
Player isn’t playing.
Check if the available fi le has been saved in
the memory.
Check if the music fi le is damaged.
Check if there is enough battery power.
File upload doesn’t
Check if the USB cable is securely connected.
Reconnect if necessary.
Check if the memory is full.
Press the Reset hole.
Files or data are
Check if the USB cable has been disconnected
during fi le or data transmission. If this is
the case, it may cause serious damage not
only to fi les/data but also to the product. You
have to be extra cautious as Samsung is not
responsible for data loss.
Abnormal play time
display during play.
Check if the fi le is in Variable Bit Rate (VBR)
The product is hot.
Heat may be generated during recharging. This
has no effect on the product life or functions.
A message appears
while watching a movie.
Try to download the movie clip through Media
Studio again.
Bluetooth connections
could not be made.
Check if the stereo headset is Bluetooth-certifi ed.
The mono hands-free headset is not supported.
The Bluetooth connection can be set off if you
turn the player or stereo headset off and on.
In this case, try to connect again.