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Samsung YP-T10JAB User Manual (ver.2.0)
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listening to music
Depending on the model of the stereo headset, fi les in less than 32 kHz can not be
In poor reception-sensitivity areas such as inside an elevator or underground,
the Bluetooth connection may not work properly.
The maximum distance that enables wireless connection between the player and
the bluetooth is 10m. The connection will be automatically cut off if the distance is
out of this range. Even within this range, the sound quality may be deteriorated by
obstacles such as walls or doors.
When not in use, set the <Bluetooth Mode> to <Off>. If you stay in <On> for
<Bluetooth Mode>, the battery usable time is reduced.
The Bluetooth features of the player are optimized with Samsung products. If used
with third party products, the Bluetooth features may not work properly.
Do not use the Bluetooth function for illegal purposes (pirated copy, illegal wireless
tapping and communications, etc. for commercial purposes) Samsung is not
responsible for any of these illegal uses and the consequent results.