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Samsung YP-T10JAB User Manual (ver.2.0)
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To stop voice recording
Tap [ ] during the recording.
A message appears asking you if you want to listen to
the fi le you just recorded.
Tap [
to select <Yes> or <No> and tap [ ].
Selecting <Yes> will play the just recorded fi le.
Selecting <No> will not play the recorded fi le.
The recorded fi le is stored in <File Browser>
<Recorded Files>.
Do not put the microphone too close to or far away from your mouth as it
may cause a poor recording.
Voice recording does not perform properly when the battery is low.
The recording fi le name will be automatically specifi ed such as “VCE_000.
mp3”. “VCE” indicates the fi le is a voice recording and “000” is the
recording fi le number.