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Samsung YP-T10JAB User Manual (ver.2.0)
listening to music _ 49
To select the music play screen
Choose a background image from those provided, or choose an image
of your own to be displayed as you listen to music.
Tap [ ] while listening to music.
The <Music> menu appears.
Tap [
to select <Music Play Screen> and
tap [ ].
The <Music Play Screen> menu appears.
Tap [
to select a desired music play screen
and tap [ ].
Select from <Type 1>, <Type 2>, <Type 3>,<Type 4>,
<Album Art> and <Album Info.>.
Music Play Screen Options
Type 1 ~ Type 4 :
You can select a desired music play screen.
Album Art :
The album cover image displays if an album cover image is
included in the ID3 Tag information of the music fi le.
Album Cover images less than 200 pixel (horizontal) x 200
pixel(vertical) in size are supported.
Album Info. :
Information on the artist name, album and genre displays if ID3
Tag information is stored on the music fi le.
If you set <Sammy> in <Menu Design>, <Album Art> can not be displayed.
What is an ID3 Tag?
This is what is attached to an MP3 to carry information relevant to the fi le,
such as the title, artist, album, year, genre and a comment fi eld.
Sound Effect
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Music Play Screen
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