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Samsung YP-T10JAB User Manual (ver.2.0)
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Bubble Smile
You have to gain as many scores as possible by changing the order of
three bubbles to fi t them horizontally or diagonally.
Tap [
to move the combination of three
Tap [ ] to change the order of bubbles clockwise.
Tap [
to change the order of bubbles counter
You will gain scores only if at least three bubbles are
fi tted together.
Chicken Runaway
This is a game where you move the hen and the chickens chasing it to
the left or right. i.e you should avoid balls from the sky to keep the hen
safe as long as possible.
Tap [
to move the hen to the left or right
Games may be added or changed without notice.
For more information about Game navigation, see the Help section.