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Samsung YP-T9JAB/XAA User Manual (ver.1.0)
Chapter 4. Settings
Setting Music
<Street mode>: Allows you to enjoy the music outdoors more clearly.
You can select either <On> or <Off>.
<DNSe> : You can select a suitable sound for each music genre. Select either <3D-User>
<3D-Studio> <3D-Stage> <3D-Club> <Normal> <Rock> <House> <Dance> <Jazz> <Ballad>
<Rhythm & Blues> <Classical> or <User EQ>.
<3D User Set> : Sets 3D sound effect and bass enhancement.
3D can be set between 0~5 levels, and Bass Enhance between 0~3 levels.
After you set <3D User Set>, you can select <3D User> in <DNSe>.
<User EQ Set> : You can directly select a sound frequency to adjust (EQ). After you set
<User EQ Set>, you can select <User EQ> in <DNSe>.
<Play Mode> : Select playback mode such as repeat settings.
Select from <Normal> <Repeat > <Repeat One> and <Shuffle>.
<Play Speed> : Adjust the playback speed of music/voice recordings.
Select either <-3> <-2> <-1> <0>(Normal) <+1> <+2> <+3>. (The higher the number is, the
faster the playback speed is.)
<Skip Interval> : Set the playback interval within a track when you press the [
] button during
playback. Select either <1 Track> <3 sec> <5 sec> <7 sec> <10 sec> <30 sec> or <1 min>.
For a VBR file, the Skip Interval may not be exact.
What is DNSe?
DNSe is a sound effect function for MP3 players developed by Samsung and consists of 3D and Street
modes. The 3D adds a stereophonic sound effect to the music and the Street mode provides an automatic
volume control function that amplifies quiet sounds in noisy street environments.