Manual page

Samsung YP-T9JAB/XAA User Manual (ver.1.0)
Chapter 1. Preparation
Product Use
Take care to avoid product
malfunction and physical damage.
Backup Important Data
To avoid malfunction
When wearing the product
around your neck, take
care not to exert excessive
force on the neck string.
Be sure to backup
important data.
Please be aware that we
claim no responsibility for
damage from data loss due
to breakdown, repair or other
Failure to follow all instructions lead to physical injuries or damage to the product.
Do not cause excessive
impact on the product by
dropping it. Do not place
heavy objects on top of the
Prevent any foreign
particles or dust from
entering into the product.
Always use the accessories
provided by or approved by
Do not spray water on the
product. Never clean the
product with chemical
substances such as
benzene or thinner, as it may
cause fire, electric shock or
deteriorate the surface.
Do not place the product
near magnetic objects, as it
may cause a malfunction.