Manual page

Samsung YP-T5H YP-T5/EM-ENG (ver.)
Connecting the USB cable
Before connecting the yepp to PC, make sure to install USB driver.
Location of Controls
YP-T5 Quick Guide
Recording Button
Play/Pause Button
Hold Switch
Loop Repeating Button
USB Cable
Connection Port
ENC Jack
Neck strap Hook
MENU, Navigation button/
Move to Track/Speed Search/
Volume Button
Earphone Jack
Battery Cover
Connect a USB cable to the USB port on the
Connect the other end of a USB cable to the USB
cable connection port on the bottom of the yepp,
and press the
button on the main unit.
If you disconnect the USB cable from your PC while
implementing a command or initializing during USB
driver installation, your PC may not function correctly.
Upon installation of the USB driver
"SAMSUNG YP-T5" will appear in the
[Start] → [Settings] → [Control Panel] →
[System Properties] → [Device Manager].
USB driver is installed with a message saying that
it is searching for a new device. You may not see
the display screen during installation.
Go to the device manager to check that
installation has been successfully completed.
USB connect cable
Turning Power On and Off
Playing Music
Pausing Music
Power On :
Press the button to turn on the power.
Power Off :
Press and hold the button to turn off the power.
Press the button.
Playback starts.
Press the button to pause playback.
If no buttons are pressed within 10 seconds(changes depending on settings),
the yepp automatically powers off.
While in Pause mode, briefly press again to resume playback.