Manual page

Samsung YP-T9JBAB User Manual (ver.1.0)
Using Bluetooth
Register a Bluetooth-compliant stereo headset with your player before you
can configure the wireless connection. When done, you can listen to the
music through the Bluetooth headset.
(The Bluetooth feature can be applied only for the appropriate model (YP-T9B, T9JB)
What is Bluetooth?
Bluetooth is a computing and telecommunications industry specification that
describes how mobile phones, computers and PDAs can easily interconnect with
each other and with home and business phones and computers using a short
wireless connection.
The Bluetooth device can cause a noise or malfunction, depending on the use
Electrical interference from a physical contact on the product, for instance, if you take the product on the
one hand and wear the stereo headset.
From a physical contact on the transmitter or receiver of the product or the stereo headset
Electrical variation from electrical jamming by the wall, corner or office partitioning
Electrical interference from the same frequency-band devices including medical equipment, microwave
oven and wireless LAN.
The longer the distance between the product and the stereo headset is, the
quality will be deteriorated in proportion and if the distance exceeds a certain
range, the wireless networking is disconnected.
When pairing the Bluetooth device with the product, make it within a short
distance as possible.
You are not recommended to use text and photo view modes while listening to
the music with the headset. Otherwise, it can cause a delayed response of the
button operation and interference with the Bluetooth communications.
In poor reception-sensitivity areas such as inside the lift or under the ground,
the Bluetooth connection may not work properly.
A file at lower than 32 kHz may not be played, depending on the specification
of the stereo headset.