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Samsung YP-ST5X User Manual (ver.1.0)
The software doesn’t work
● Refer to the System Requirements
The player does not work and the LCD displays nothing.
● Check the battery capacity
● Check to see if the battery is inserted properly
● After connecting it to PC, execute YP-ST5 Updater in the desktop to update the product.
In PLAY mode, music is not played after pressing the button
● Check to see if MP3 or WMA files are saved in the built-in memory.
● Check to see if the HOLD button is locked.
Files cannot be downloaded.
● Check to see if the driver is installed correctly in the computer.
● Check the connection between the player and PC.
● Check and/or replace the battery, turn on the player's power.
● Operating system limits the number of files you can save.
Please save your music files by creating a subfolder.
● Check if the memory is full.
The Backlight does not work.
● Check the backlight setup.
● When the battery power is low, the backlight will go out.
The buttons do not work.
● Check setting of Hold switch.
● Remove the battery once and then insert it again.
The player turns off repeatedly
● In Stop mode, the power is automatically turned off after ten seconds
(changes depending on settings).
● Check to see if there are files saved in it.
Something’s wrong with the play time displayed during Play mode.
● “VBR SONG” message is displayed while VBR (Variable Bit Rate) file is playing.
The LCD window is dark
● Check Contrast
There is a file saved in yepp, but “No File” appears in the screen.
● After checking whether the folder is played, use the Navigation function to change
the folder.
● After connecting it to PC, execute YP-ST5 Updater in the desktop to update the product.
I cannot properly connect to my PC.
● Win98 : try to connect again after installing yepp Driver.
● WinME : remove the yepp Driver program and press the Start in the desktop to execute
Windows Update. After selecting important update and service pack, execute update all.
● Win2000/XP : Try to connect it again after rebooting PC.
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