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Samsung YP-ST5X User Manual (ver.1.0)
Using the removable storage(PC)
Using the removable storage(PC)
Make sure to download the Secure WMA file you purchased from a
pay site
through Windows Media Player Version 9 or higher.
pay site :,,,, etc.
Select the Secure WMA file and right-click to select [Play] or
[Play with Media Player]
Click [Copy to CD or Device]
from the left menu.
The list of songs selected in step 1
will appear in the left window.
Click the down arrow under
[Items on Device]
in the right window to
change it to [Removable Disk] and then
press the
button on the upper part
to download the selected file.
Make sure to use Media Player 9.0
or higher to play the Secure WMA
files downloaded from the pay site.
Click the [Check for Player Updates]
button in the Help menu to update the
player to the latest version.
Downloading Secure WMA Files
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