Manual page

Samsung YP-T5H User Manual (ver.1.0)
MP3 & WMA Playback
MP3 is an MPEG1 Layer3 audio format.
WMA is a Microsoft Windows Media audio format.
Removable Storage Device
You can easily copy and paste files to the yepp player using Windows Explorer.
Encoding Function
You can make an MP3 file from an external source using the ENC jack
on the main unit.
You can also convert an FM radio program into an MP3 file in real time.
FM Reception
Listening to an FM program is made easy with Auto Search and Frequency
Memory functions.
3D Surround Sound
The 3D surround feature adds spaciousness to the sound.
You can upgrade the built-in programs when available.
Add functions, CODEC, etc. Please check the yepp home page
( upgrades.