Manual page

Samsung YP-T5H User Manual (ver.1.0)
Adjusting SRS and TruBass LEVEL
If you select SRS or TruBass in the WOW level menu,
you can adjust the SRS and TruBass level.
Use , to select the level you want.
The level for SRS and TruBass can each be set
within the range of 0 to 10.
If you select WOW Optimum, it optimizes the SRS function
according to the device connected.
Use , to select Speaker, Headphone, Earphone or
Carpack(car cassette adapter).
WOW Optimum
Select WOW level in Settings.
Default vol
Use , to set the default volume value.
It is possible to set the default volume to a value
between 0 and 25(MAX).
If the power is turned on again after having adjusted the
volume above the default value, music is played at the
default volume.
If the power is turned on again after the volume was set to
within the default value, the music is replayed at the
previously played volume.
Select Default vol in Settings.