Manual page

Samsung YP-T7JX User Manual (ver.1.0)
Safety Instructions
Read and understand all the instructions to avoid injury to yourself and damage to the equipment.
✽ Please be aware that we claim no responsibility for damage from data loss due to breakdown, repair or other causes.
Do not let any foreign
matter spill into the
Do not expose to
chemicals such as
benzene and thinners.
Do not subject the player to
severe impact.
Do not place heavy objects
on the player.
Do not store in dusty areas.
Do not expose to direct
sunlight or heat sources.
Be careful not to subject the
player to excessive pressure
when wearing it round your
Do not drop the player into
water. If you have dropped
the player into water or the
player is wet, do not turn the
player on, contact a Samsung
service center.
Do not try to disassemble
and repair the device
Do not expose to extreme
temperatures (above 95°F
or below 23°F). Do not
expose to moisture.
Safety Instructions
Follow Traffic Safety Instructions
q Do not use the earphones while driving an automobile or riding a bicycle.
It’s not only dangerous, but also against the law.
q It may cause an accident if you turn up the volume of the earphones while walking,
especially when crossing intersections.
Protect your ears
q Do not turn up the volume too high. Doctors warn against prolonged exposure to high volume.
q Stop using the device or turn the volume down if you have ringing in your ears.
q Take care so that the earphone cable is not caught by your arm or other objects while walking or
Ambient operating conditions
q Ambient temperature : 5°C ~ 35°C (41°F ~ 95°F)
Humidity : 10 ~ 75%
Environmental Information
q Follow local guidelines for waste disposal when discarding packages, batteries, and old electronic
q Your player is packaged with cardboard, polyethylene etc., and does not use any unnecessary materials.