Manual page

Samsung YP-T9JQB User Manual (ver.1.0)
For Your Safety
Read this manual carefully to ensure proper use of the product and
to avoid any danger or physical damage.
Product Use
Improper use can result in explosion,
fire or electric shock.
To avoid hearing damage
Do not disassemble, repair
or modify this product on
your own.
Do not get the product wet
or drop it in water.
If the product gets wet,
do not switch it on.
Contact a Service Center.
Do not place the product in
damp, dusty or sooty areas,
as it could result in fire or
electric shock.
Avoid using your player at
high volume levels, as it may
result in permanent
hearing damage.
If you experience ringing in
your ears while using the
earphones, remove the
earphones immediately
and/or lower the volume.
To avoid a risk of traffic accident
Do not use the earphones while you are
driving a bicycle, automobile or motorcycle.
It can cause a serious accident and furthermore,
is prohibited by law in some areas.
Using the earphones while walking, in particular,
on a crosswalk, can lead to a serious accident.
Take care not to tangle the earphone cable
around your arms or neighboring objects
while driving, working out or walking, as it
could result in a car accident or other
Do not leave the player in
areas above 35°C(95°F)
(such as a sauna or inside
a parked car).
During hot weather, the
temperature inside a car may
rise up to 80°C(176°F).
Failing to heed the product instructions may cause serious injury.