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Samsung YP-U1Z User Manual (ver.1.0)
Setting the EQ mode
G Use , to move to the sound mode you want and then press the MENU button.
G Normal ¡ Classic ¡ Jazz ¡ Rock ¡ User EQ
G Select User EQ to set the 9 band EQ as desired.
Preset EQ
G Use , to select Bass Booster On or Off and then
press the MENU button.
G Bass Booster function operates only when you select
Normal, Classic, Jazz or Rock in the Preset EQ menu.
G On: When the music is played back, the bass is
G Off: Bass boost function is off.
Bass Booster
Press and hold the MENU button. Select Settings
¡ Sound effect.
G If User EQ is selected, the EQ can be set to your
G Use , to move to the right or left to select the
desired EQ, and use , to adjust the level.
Press the MENU button after completing the setting.
User EQ Set
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