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Samsung YP-U3JQB User Manual (ver.1.0)
52 _ more than music
Recorded fi le names
While recording, the MP3 player generates a fi le name automatically.
The fi lename follows the format <VNNNN.mp3>, where V indicates the
voice recording fi le and NNNN defi nes the recording number.
For example, fi le name V0003.mp3 is the third voice-recording fi le to be saved.
To listen to a previously recorded fi le
1. Press and briefl y hold the [
] button to move to the main menu
2. Press the [
] button to select <Voice Record> and then
press the [
] button.
The <Voice Record> list will appears.
3. Press the [
] button to select <Recorded Files> and then
press the [
] button.
The <Recorded fi les> list will appear.
4. Use [
] button to select a recorded fi le of your choice.
5. Press the
The recorded fi le will start playing.