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Samsung YP-U3JQB User Manual (ver.1.0)
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To stop recording
1. Press the
button when you want
recording to stop.
The confi rmation window will appear.
2. Press the [
] button to select <YES> or
<NO> and then press the
<YES> the just recorded fi le will play.
<NO> the just recorded fi le will not play.

The recorded fi le is stored in the <Voice Record>
of the main menu →
<Recorded Files>.

Do not place the microphone too close or too far away during recording, as this
can affect the recording quality.

Voice recording is not enabled if the memory is full or the battery capacity is
You can make a voice recording for about 66 hours (based on 32Kbps, 1GB)
Press the
button if you want to pause recording.
FM radio stations cannot be recorded.
Check recorded