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Samsung YP-U3JQB User Manual (ver.1.0)
the basics _ 21
To set Auto Preset
You can preset up to 20 stations in your MP3 player’s memory and
return to them with the press of just one button. Have the MP3 player
fi nd and store stations automatically.
1. Press the [
] button to select <Auto
Preset> and then press the [
] button.
The Auto Preset confi rmation window will appear.
2. Press the [
] button to select <YES>
and then press the

<Auto Preset....> will appear and up to 20 frequencies are automatically set.
Press the [
] button to scan for a desired preset frequency.
To cancel Auto Preset
If you want to cancel the auto preset, press any button in the process.
The auto preset setting is canceled, and only frequencies set up to that
point are stored.

Always connect your earphones to the player when searching or setting
frequencies. The earphones serve as antennas to receive FM Radio
In poor reception areas, the player may not fi nd an available FM frequency.
If no frequencies were preset, <No Preset> will appear.

You may want to re-set the stored stations if you’re going to listen to your
MP3 player in a different city. To delete the preset stations and store new
ones, simply repeat the process.
Auto Preset