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Samsung YP-U3JQB/XAA User Manual (ver.1.0)
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WARRANTY (Continued)
Samsung’s obligations are to the repair of the defective part, and at its
discretion, replacement of the product (service exchange unit).
Warranty repairs must be carried out by an Authorized Samsung Dealer/
Service Center. No reimbursement will be made for repairs carried out by non
Samsung Centers, and warranty coverage will not be valid for any repairs or
damage caused by such repairs.
Repair or replacement under the terms of this warranty does not give right
to extension to or a new starting of the period of warranty. Repair or direct
replacement under the terms of this warranty may be fulfi lled with functionally
equivalent service exchange units.
The warranty is not applicable in cases other than defects in material, design
and workmanship.
The warranty does not cover the following:
Periodic checks, maintenance, repair and replacement of parts due to
normal wear and tear.
Abuse or misuse, including but not solely limited to the failure to use
this product for its normal purposed or in accordance with Samsung’s
instructions usage and maintenance.
Use of the product in conjunction with accessories not approved by
Samsung for use with this product.