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Samsung YP-U3JQB/XAA User Manual (ver.1.0)
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the basics
System setting options
Voice Recording Bit Rate
: You can select the voice recording quality.
Select either <32kbps> <64kbps> or <128kbps>. (The higher the number is, the
better the audio quality and the larger the fi le size becomes.)
Delete Record File
: You can delete a voice recording fi le. ► page 29
: Specifi es the starting point to restart playback after playback is
stopped. If set to <Off>, the last fi le will play from the beginning. If set to <On>,
the last fi le will play from the point it was previously stopped.
: Sets the beep sound for button operations to on or off.
Select either <Off> or <On>.
Volume Limit
: You can avoid hearing damage by setting the limit of the volume
when using the earphone. <On> will limit the maximum volume level up to 20.
The maximum volume level when Volume Limit is set to <Off> is 40.
Even if you have select <Off>, the volume will be set back to 20 to avoid hearing
damage when you turn the player back on.
LED Effect
: Select LED backlight effect. Select either <Off> <Button> (turns on
when a button is pressed) <Random> or <Always on>.
Default Set
: Returns all settings to the default value. Select either <YES> or
<NO>. <YES> initializes all settings to default. <NO> cancels default settings.
: Formats the internal memory. Select either <YES> or <NO>.
Selecting <YES> will format the internal memory and delete all fi les on the player.
Selecting <NO> does not format the internal memory.
: Checks the fi rmware version, number of tracks, remaining memory.

Regarding the Built-In Memory
1GB=1,000,000,000 bytes : actual formatted capacity may be less as the
internal fi rmware uses a portion of the memory.