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Samsung YP-U3JQB/XAA User Manual (ver.1.0)
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the basics
Music setting options
DNSe :
Select the right sound for each music genre. Choose either <3D-User>,
<3D-Studio>, <3D-Stage>, <3D-Club>, <Concert Hall>, <Normal>, <Rock>,
<House>, <Dance>, <Jazz>, <Ballad>, <Rhythm & Blues>, <Classical>, or <User
3D-User Set :
Sets 3D sound effect and bass enhancement for the 3D-User
function. <3D> can be set between 0~5 levels, and <Bass Enhance> between 0~3
levels. If <3D-User Set> is selected, the setting you’ve made in the <DNSe> menu
will change to <3D-User>.
User EQ Set :
You can adjust individual frequencies to adjust the sound to your
preference. Press the [
] button to select the frequency you want to adjust.
Press the [ , ] button to adjust the selected frequency’s level and then press the
button. Press the [
] or [
] button to select <YES> and then press the
button to save. If <User EQ Set> is selected, the setting you’ve made in
the <DNSe> menu will change to <User EQ>.
Play Mode :
Select playback mode such as repeat settings.
Select from <Normal>, <Repeat>, <Repeat One>, and <Shuffl e>.
(<Normal> : To play all the tracks in order one time. <Repeat> : To repeat all fi les.
<Repeat One> : To repeat one fi le. <Shuffl e> : To play fi les at random.)
Play Speed :
Adjust the playback speed of music/voice recording.
Select <x0.7>, <x0.8>, <x0.9>, <x1.0>, <x1.1>, <x1.2>, or <x1.3>.
(The higher the number is, the faster the playback speed is.)
Skip Interval :
Set the length of the segment the fi le will skip when you press the
] or
] button during playback. Select either <1 Track>, <3 sec>, <5 sec>,
<7 sec>, <10 sec>, <30 sec>, or <1 min>.

If the fi le was developed with a variable bit rate, the actual length of the
skip interval may not be exactly what you select.

The play speed and skip interval will return to the default (play speed: x1.0,
skip interval: 1 track) each time you turn on the player.

If the play speed is set to other than x1.0, <DNSe> will be switched to <Normal>.

The adjusted play speed may differ from the actual speed, depending on the fi le.